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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Power releases a scene from Season 4 (#Power #Trailer #PowerSeason4)

Power Tv Series
Power releases a scene from Season 4 (#Power #Trailer)

Power is one of my favorite Tv Series. In my opinion, The first Season was one of the best Seasons, because it was raw, pure, and uncut in my eyes. I understand it comes a day when the numbers come in, and the producers of Power have to cater to the niche audience. From then, we saw more love scenes. I thought Power was going to turn into a soap opera, and it wouldn't be a bad idea, lol. The watered down versions of the love scenes made me want to see that grimey street shit when ever 50 Cent's character "Kanan". Now it is Season 4, and i expect Power to get back to those heartless no sympathy scenes from Kanan. I guess we have to stay tuned to see. --------->Power releases a scene from Season 4 (#Power #Trailer #PowerSeason4)         #OmariHardwick   

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