Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shanti Das Talks 'The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0' , #Outkast, #GoodieMOb, #Usher & Being A Woman In Game on Sway in the Morning

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Music marketing executive, Shanti Das came by Sway in the Morning to discuss her new book The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0. Das has worked with the biggest acts from Usher to Prince. Das spoke the truth about women's experiences the music industry and how to avoid men and clients hitting on her. Das goes on to discuss showing consistency from the beginning of her career and walking away from the industry at the height of her success. The 'Professional' also talked about creating innovative marketing strategies that are still used in the music industry today. Be sure to check out Das' interview with Sway and buy her new book The Hip-Hop Professional 2.0 now!

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